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gregarious, quick-thinking, multi-tasking project manager
seeking to leverage attention to detail, passion for communication & connection,
and customer service staff-leading experience...

Please check out some of my current favorite projects & affiliations...


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
from Spain

Live music series
based in Maplewood/South Orange, NJ.

Proceeds from these shows
help fight hunger in our community

Northern NJ
Professionals In Transition

peer-run employment change support group


Job Seekers
of Montclair

committee-run support group

Food & Wine Festival

premier local culinary non-profit/fund-raiser

Hot From The Kettle

fabulous soiree planning & execution

South Orange
Performing Arts Center

a gem of a multi-room complex

The Theater Project
in Maplewood, NJ

International Mountain
Bicycling Association

two-wheelers on dirt/off-road

Bike & Walk

pedestrian & cyclist advocacy

township beautification committee

Diana Hart Fine Catering
a long-time successful chef

Sustainable Jersey
municipality certification program

Essex Time Exchange
time-banking, while sharing skills & services

Lil' Bastad
jazzy & rockin' bluesy & funky R&B band

Generate Buzz, LLC

boutique marketing and advertising agency


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