Are you
un-employed / under-employed /
un-happily employed,
or looking for new / different
career opportunities?



might include seminars by guest speakers
or be workshops that are conducted by peers,
and go from ten a.m. until noon.
Also—both before and after—network with
other friendly & helpful people from varied
industries and walks of life.


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Conversation Forum /
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We get together on
generally alternating Mondays
(except for library holidays)
10:00 a.m. — 12:00 p.m.

Meetings are held at
the Hilton Branch of
the Maplewood Public Library
1688 Springfield Avenue
Maplewood, NJ 07040


All of our programs are free and open to the public
so please tell folks you know, and come join us—
all are welcome!

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The generous (pro bono)
presenters' names
are linked to their LinkedIn profiles

and their business websites
are at the end of their bios

so please check them out

research them before
and communicate with them after


David Schuchman

Information Technology | Manager | Consultant | Software | Project |
Applications Development | Business Analysis | SaaS


Welcome BackAND THANK YOUDavid!

“How To Work As A Consultant”

A consultant is someone who provides skills, a service or expert advice to others. For some professionals, this can be a new way to stay busy and earn income, especially when full-time employment opportunities are not available. This program highlights the benefits and differences between employed vs. contract engagements — and explains the steps you need to follow to pursue a path to “Work as a Consultant.”

David Schuchman is an active leader in the job seeker support community. He is the current Executive Chair of the Professional Service Group of Mercer County in Princeton, NJ. In addition, David is a co-facilitator for New Jersey Job Seekers in Princeton, NJ. And he is on the boards of The Career Support Group at St. Gregory the Great in Hamilton, NJ and The Breakfast Club of New Jersey in East Brunswick, NJ. Additionally, David is often requested to present topical programs to business groups, job seeker support groups and public libraries Professionally, David is an Information Technology professional with a true passion for technology implementation, as well as website & applications design and IT operations. He is a seasoned Informational Technology professional where he spent the most recent 14 years of his corporate career as an IT leader in the financial services, transportation and healthcare industries. Presently, David is an Information Technology services, training, and management consultant with his own company, Princeton Technology Advisors, LLC. Princeton Technology Advisors offers support, quality of service and the desire to learn the in-depth knowledge of each client’s marketplace, organization and culture. David is a successful topical blogger. In his blog, “TechTopics4U”, he shares his opinions with readers on a variety of technology & management topics. In addition, David provides IT training classes in email marketing, blogging and social media, and he offers individual training on a variety of IT subjects.




Coach Junie Moon


Self-Love Expert,

Best-Selling Author, Speaker,

Director of the film,
"Shed the Shame"


WelcomeAND THANK YOUJunie!

“Fresh Eyes — Fresh Start:
How to Make This Year Count!"

Guess what? It’s a New Year and you get to set new goals and dream again what is possible for you. How exciting! Do you want to stay on course and have a brilliant year of success? Then you NEED TO STOP YOUR INNER CRITIC and self-sabotaging behaviors from derailing you.
You need confidence and focus!

We have a special guest presenter coming to our group to help you make 2018 the best ever. Coach Junie Moon is known as the
Inner Critic Tamer and she has helped thousands get confident and ready to reclaim their life. This special event is designed to be life-shifting… truly. Come experience Exclusive Exercises only happening at this event, which will catapult you into a new realm of radical self-acceptance, empowerment, and the ability to create the life you have been wanting with confidence. If you’re hungry to live on a new level of fully expressing yourself and have a year to remember, begin by understanding the source of your negative beliefs, and change them. This transforms your life.

Junie Moon, known as “The Inner Critic Tamer & Self Love Expert,” helps people experience Transformation that Sticks. As an empowering keynote speaker and heart-centered coach, Junie guides clients and audiences to enjoy how to “Be Yourself and Love It!” Junie’s work empowering people includes her critically acclaimed film, “Shed the Shame.”

In workshops, she creates a safe and loving space for people to relax and explore what they truly want. Workshop participants appreciate Junie’s true gift in shining the light for people to heal and then express the confidence, joy and success they crave. Best-selling author of “Loving the Whole Package: Shed the Shame and Live Life Out Loud,” Junie is a Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator, Certified Transformational Coach, interfaith minister, and dynamic workshop leader.



Sandy Klein

Business Owner and
Thought Coach


Thought in Motion


WelcomeAND THANK YOUSandy!

“Thoughts Create Your Reality”

Learn how to create a life you LOVE from Thought Coach Sandy Klein. As an Adaptive Thought Coach / Life Coach, I guide and empower people to create a life they love. I help people create and tailor their lives by determining and focusing on what they want, in order for them to make the choices that get them where they want to be. Like a navigation system, I help people map out their life. One of my strengths is helping people work through their fears. Many people feel they are not good enough or focus on lack. I listen to what people are telling themselves by listening to their verbal diet.” I am able to get them to see that their thoughts are creating their reality. I havehelped my clients create new careers, increase their finances, and find love.

Sandy Klein is a Business Partner and Thought Coach at Thought in Motion in Montclair, New Jersey. During Sandy’s 20-year career in the Pharmaceutical Industry, 10 years of her sales management experience focused on developing people through coaching. Sandy loves coaching others to bring out their best and help them in any aspect of their life. Her ability to connect with people had former customers acknowledging her Emotional Intelligence. Sandy is a well-rounded individual. She exemplifies a true leader by leading by example. She is focused on the needs of others and is committed to each person’s success. She is known as a positive, compassionate, self-motivated person, who has a zest for life! Sandy received a Bachelor Degree from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. She attended iPEC: Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching where she received her Coaching Certificate in March of 2012.







Lauren Markon

Professional Resume Writer

LinkedIn Profile Developer
and Trainer

Interview Coach

Career Counselor


Welcome, Lauren!

“Developing Your LinkedIn Profile
so that Recruiters Can Find You”

Do you know the first thing someone does when they hear your name? They Google you! For many professionals, their LinkedIn profile is the first link that shows up in the Google search. Whether you are in the job market or not, you cannot afford to be without a LinkedIn profile. A professionally written LinkedIn profile serves as your branding statement and introduction to the professional world. With over 400 million subscribers, LinkedIn is the social network where professionals converge. If you are in the market for a job, having a professionally crafted LinkedIn profile is a must!

• What should a LinkedIn profile consist of and how does it differ from my resume?
Do photos and professional headlines
really matter?
What is the difference between an endorsement and a recommendation?
Do I really need 500+ connections?
What should my career summary say?

are encouraged
(but it is not required)
to bring portable devices to this workshop.

Lauren Markon, MS Counseling, has been working as a Career Counselor, Resume Writer and LinkedIn Profile Developer for the past 12 years, for a business that she established in Livingston, called Career Connections NJ.

Previously, she has worked at many prestigious universities and colleges such as (Pace University, Pace World Trade Institute, Fordham University, Fairleigh Dickinson University and County College of Morris). In addition, she has spoken at many venues throughout the state on resume writing, interviewing, returning to work, networking, and utilizing LinkedIn for your job search. She has worked with 100's of clients from CEO's to Middle Management, to Returning to Work Mothers to Entry Level College Students.



Linda Luciano

Executive and Career Coach —

Specializing in CHANGE


Welcome, Linda!

“Mastering the Art of
the Interview”

If the mere thought of a job interview brings a bead of sweat to your brow, this program will help. Join us for an interactive workshop, featuring career coach Dr. Linda Luciano, who will arm you with interview strategies and tips to build your confidence. Through the process of mock interviews, you’ll gain insights into your strengths as an interviewee as well as areas in which you can improve. You’ll learn helpful techniques that will equip you in preparing and rehearsing for an interview, how best to answer unanticipated questions, and how to follow up appropriately with a prospective employer.

Dr. Linda Luciano, Founder and President of, earned a doctorate in higher education management from the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s in business administration from Seton Hall University. She is a trustee of Caldwell University. Dr. Luciano provides strategic, educational, and goals coaching to women and college graduates who seek CHANGE. She defines C.H.A.N.G.E. as Career Happiness, Advancement, New Opportunities, Growth and Excitement. Dr. Luciano is an astute and sensitive questioner; expert at asking probing questions and reframing situations. She enjoys sharing a vision of possibilities with her clients as she collaboratives with them and provides strategic guidance, feedback, support and the encouragement each client needs to venture forth into higher-level positions or new fields. She helps them gain clarity about their current situation and identify their career interests and priorities and discuss an approach for making the change they have imagined. During her career, Dr. Luciano served as the Vice President of Planning and Chief of Staff to the President, Associate Dean and Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Career Services, Vice President of Integrated Services and Business Administration, Project Coordinator for a Federal grant and adjunct university professor.



Alex Freund

The Landing Expert

Interview coaching & preparation


Welcome back, Alex!

Personal *Value Propositions*
for Job Seekers–
Why Do People Say “Yes?

The value proposition is all about why do people say “yes”. In a job search, like it or not, one of the biggest challenges marketing yourself effectively to a future employer. The essence of marketing is the message, and the essence of the message is the value proposition! If you develop a strong value proposition, you will help your future employer say “yes” to hire you, to buy what you are selling. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to write a clear value proposition that provides your unique core message and offers your “customer” a bulletproof rationale to choose YOU over your competitors. In this presentation, you will learn to develop a value proposition that answers four questions: 1. What is it that you do? 2. For whom do you do it? 3. What benefits do you provide? 4. What makes you distinctive in the marketplace?

Known as the “landing expert,” Alex Freund supports job seekers into employment. He is known for making people feel comfortable when interviewing and being an effective and successful career and interviewing coach. He is prominent in several online and off-line job search networking groups, make frequent presentations, and conduct workshops on both effective résumé development and the skilled use of LinkedIn in the job search process. For several years, he has been teaching a career development seminar, and his blog—designed specifically for job seekers—is widely published through various popular blog sites. Prior to his current position, Alex managed many large departments in two Fortune 500 companies. He maintains The Landing Expert List, a free directory of job search networking groups, via his Web site. He is a Cornell University grad, lived on three continents, and speaks five languages.




Rich DuFour

Agent of Evolution —

Results-Focused, Purpose-Driven Leader, Trainer & Coach:

Technology, Process,
Time/Life Management


Welcome, Rich!

Moving from Frustration
to Freedom & Empowerment
with Technology”

“Moving from Frustration to Freedom & Empowerment with Technology” is focused on guiding you to better use the tools you already have to track, organize & direct your job search. From organizing each prospect as a project, clarifying Next Actions,“Waiting For’s” & Follow-Up’s — you will demonstrate an outstanding reputation with future employers allowing them to fully see you & trust you in the job. Also, Rich will speak on building trust & rapport by having a consistent personal brand & voice on all of your communications, including & beyond the resume: colors, typefaces, email sign-offs, and more. Come to learn how your common everyday tools can become an asset in your search.

Rich DuFour coaches people to tame, tailor, organize and simplify their technology to align with their lifestyle and values. For 30 years he has been driven to help people, teams and businesses, to solve challenges, create solutions and close the gap between where they are and their ultimate vision.



Danielle Lindner


The London Day School


Welcome, Danielle!

You Can’t Change the Wind,
but You Can Redirect Your Sails!”

Have you ever felt stuck? Felt as if you are weren’t reaching your full potential? Had an out of the box idea that would take you out of your comfort zone? Have you wondered what it would be like to take a risk on an idea even though everyone around you was telling you not to? Attendees of this presentation will hear about the struggles, strategies and successes that someone with the passion to make a change in their community can achieve with persistence, drive and the right tools. Gain insights on how to bring your ideas to fruition. What support should someone seek to get started and avoid costly mistakes? What tools should you have before you embark on something new and how do you know when it's time to move on or keep sailing in the other direction.

Danielle Lindner is a respected educator and an acclaimed children’s author. As an educator, Danielle is noted for having founded London Day School® recognized among the most innovative preschools in the country. The overwhelming success of the New Jersey-based school has prompted the launch of the London Day School national franchise, bringing Danielle’s curriculum to community-minded ntrepreneurs nationwide. In addition to her distinguished career in childhood education, Danielle is a recognized businesswoman and was named a Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneur by the New Jersey chapter of Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners.





Rosie Battista

Recognized Author/Content Creator,

Life & Business Strategist,

Food Maven,


Trainer of Mind-Body-Spirit



Welcome, Rosie!

Enhancing the World
With Your True Gift”

In this presentation, Rosie will focus on three core principles for your life no matter your age or stage. 1) Lose the fake stuff and get real (discover what you really want) 2) Become less interested in why you can't (uncover the lies you tell yourself) 3) Fall in love with the idea (embrace the feeling of being the real you). Through these self reflective exercises, you will leave the class with a renewed vision, a new belief of what is possible for YOU, and a first step to bring you closer to fulfilling your dream. You will have a new understanding of why giving your divine gift cannot be ignored (...and it's easier than you may have believed).

Rosie Battista is a believer in possibility. At 50 years old she entered her first body building figure competition. At that age and from that stage, she became a believer that all things are possible when you believe. At 53 she fulfilled her life-long desire for a career in fashion — with no formal education or industry connections. These are two of the visions and opportunities she continually creates turning the seemingly “impossible” into possible. Rosie is author of the Naked Series of books: Sleeping Naked After 40, Cooking Naked After 40, and The Naked Truth (and soon to come Thinking Naked After 50). Her gift is helping you see YOUR gift, take action on your brilliance and build it into something that brightens your life and lights up the world.



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